By: Nick Jamerson, Newspaper Editor

In the St. Pius Athletic Department there are many different sports – one of which we  dominate – Girl’s Soccer. The Girl’s Soccer team is currently 10-5 and is hoping to soon make it 11-5 at Sr Night tonight against Sedalia.

“Right now we’re really starting to play as a team by doing some team bonding exercises,” said Senior defensive player Zoila Victoria.

Much like the other sports, coming together as a team can show true talents against opponents and can be a key in dominating the competition. Going on activities like playing Pickleball in Northtown and going to team dinners seem to be gluing this team together. Like all the other sports, the soccer team also looks to its Senior leaders to inspire.

“I don’t think that an individual in particular is what makes a team, I think it’s a whole team effort and every person has to come together to impact a game,” said Senior goalie Faith Wright.

The Lady Warriors will continue fighting throughout the season to hopefully bring the girls to State once again. Join the soccer team today, May 2nd, as they play the Smith-Cotton Tigers at SPX 5 pm.

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