By: Nick Jamerson, Newspaper Editor

The 2nd annual Fine Arts Festival was held on April 27th and was once again a smashing hit, attracting students and parents from all over the SPX community. Mrs. Hess’ Art students and Ms. Nelson’s singers and drumline showed their talents with food, fun and flavor.

“It gives the kids a chance to show off their talents to the other students and parents,” said Art Director Mrs. Toni Hess.

The Art Fest isn’t just a random little event at Pius any more, it has become a yearly tradition allowing students to display and be proud of their art through the compliments and admiration of other students and parents.

“I like showcasing all of the artistic talents that we have here at Pius,” said Senior Maureen Baddoo.

Seniors are able to put together their own tents to display as many works of art that they wish and they may even show off unfinished pieces. Food trucks also lined the parking lot, along with one-acts and music in the new outdoor classroom.

“I like it how the Art classes are able to show off their art, and it’s a great opportunity for friends and family to look at their students’ work,” said Senior Isabel Ringel.

Planning for the Fine Arts Festival is already underway. This year’s Junior Class is looking forward to displaying their own art, showcasing their own productions and producing their own musical ensembles. Next year’s Fest will be April 2018.

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