By: Mr. Jeffery Gardner, Guest Writer

This month of April, we will talk about Grace. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches us that Grace is the free and undeserved gift that God gives us to respond to our vocation to become his adopted children; there are two kinds of Grace. The first is Actual Grace and the Second is Sanctifying Grace.

Actual Grace is what we receive in order to conform our lives to God’s will. This is what we get when we are being called to God by God. The other Grace is Sanctifying Grace that we receive in the Sacraments and through the special graces that come as gifts of the Holy Spirit that help us to live out our Christian vocation. All of these Graces help us toward Justification.

Justification means that we are forgiven of our sins, sanctified to God on our path to eternal life while being in the state of Grace. In other words, we are resting within the interior life of the Blessed Trinity where we are in communion with God. This is our earthly path to eternal life.

This is a process that will last throughout our life as children of God and a process that we must embrace and practice. How do we do that? Well, we Pray, go to Mass and enter into the Sacramental life of the Church. Prayer, Mass and the Sacraments are the road signs on the path to Heaven; if you follow the signs and stay on the path then you will enter into Heaven as an adopted child of God. Stay on the Path, but if you fall off then get back on that path by following the road signs of Prayer, Mass and the Sacraments! God the Father is always calling you to himself. He loves you!

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