By: David Kelliher, Student Writer.

The annual Mom prom was on Saturday April 8th. It was held in the small gym where the moms got turnt with their sons.

mom prom 3

The boys and their mothers pose for a picture to remember what a fun night they had. Mom Prom was on April 8 from 8pm to10pm.

“It was a fun-filled night, I had a great night dancing and a wonderful time making memories” said Mrs. Revenew.  Boys of St. Pius took their moms out for a crazy night out on the town. To show how much they appreciated them.

“My friends and I took our moms to a Japanese Steakhouse and we caught all the shrimp! I was just happy to treat her to a night on the town because she does so much for me,” said Nick Chaszar senior. When the sons and moms finally made it to the dance, they turned up and had a night to remember. The seniors told their moms their favorite memories with them and had a emotional night dancing and singing with them.

mom prom pt.

Senior Nick Chaszar and his mom walking in the senior promenade. “I love my mom, and we had a really fun night together,” said Chaszar.

“It was fun, my mom enjoyed it a lot and I know some other moms really enjoyed it and are looking forward to coming back next year,” said Zach Cissell junior. The Mom Prom was a fundraiser for Guatemala  and raised over nine hundred dollars. They had around 90 people attend and it was a great time for everyone!

“It was a really fun night and it was nice to spend a Saturday evening with my mother” said Junior Vito Bianco.

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