By: Nicholas Jamerson, Newspaper Editor.

Business club is the newest student led club instructing students on how a business works and how to keep afloat while self employed. This is one of the many things that students in the business club have learned over the course of this one year.

“There are many different activities ranging from things like how a business works in gaining a better understanding of real world applications,” said Senior Nolan McMichael, President of the business club.

Business club is not just a club for learning how a business works, but it also gives insight into becoming a future leader in America, teaching about politics and the stock market.

“Currently we are working on understanding the stock market, how to trade  and how to stabilize financially,” said McMichael.

business club 2

Club members reading over their menus deciding on what to eat. The students ate at Classic Cup after their trip to an outside company to learn about internships.

Business club not only worked in the classroom, they also went outside of the school to highlight real world opportunities. Club members recently went to a company on the Plaza to discuss internships. They are also planning a future trip to Cerner.

“We went on a field trip, and the best thing about it was that we got to dress up and go to a fun business lunch. We went to the Plaza, and it was nice to have a break from the high school routine and see what adults do in their jobs,” said Senior Clair Giefer.

Business club meets, at least, once a month on Thursdays. For more information on joining this club, please contact Nolan McMichael or Mr. Parsons.

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