The Senior of the Month is Lydia Essig.


Q. Do you participate in any sports?

A. Tennis because it’s an independent sport where I can let my skills shine.

Q. What is your favorite food?

A. Steak, because uhhh, don’t write uhhh, because it’s delicious.

Q. If you could wish for one lifetime supply of any hostess treat what would you choose?

A. Twinkies #zombieland.

Q. If you had a million dollars, how many Pius cookies would you buy and what kind?

A. 100,000 and I love the classic chocolate chip.

Q. Who would win in a wrestling match between Derek King and Erin Bollinger?

A. I want to say Derek because he’s a lot bigger and stronger, but I really think it would be Erin.

Q. If you could summarize your whole high school career in a meme which one would it be?


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