By: David Kelliher, Student Writer.

The St. Pius X theater department does it once again, putting on a stellar performance for the play Picnic by William Inge. The play hit the stage on March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 7 PM and Saturday at 2 PM. It was held in the Auxiliary gym at St. Pius, and it was packed to the walls.

“The play was extremely well done, Picnic was one of the best plays done by Pius and the creative set build and talented actors made it even better,” said Junior audience member Josh Revnew.

play- picnic 3

Senior Arcadia Mejia played the sister of Senior Madeleine Quinn who played Flo Owens in the play.

The play’s genre is Drama and takes place in a small town in Kansas. There were many intense moments. 

“The fight between Millie (Arcadia M.) and Madge (Madeline Quinn) stood out to me because each character was so well played by them, and it showed the toxic nature of their relationship,”  said audience member Senior Josie Guadagnano.

play- picnic 2

Senior Jacob Quintero was one of the leads in the school play Picnic. “It’s really fun acting in live theater, and it’s a great experience.” said Quintero.

The theater department, even though they made people laugh during the play, they don’t take getting prepared for it a joke. They practice the majority of the week and spend many hours practicing and making it perfect.

“We started the last week of January and rehearsals were Monday through Thursday. We were there until about seven o’clock,” said Junior actor Adriana Wendel.
The original play first premiered in 1953 on Broadway but our St. Pius theater department made it their own play that night. The next theater production will be one acts premiering at the end of April.

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