Senior Abby Hipp was a record breaker for the Girls’ Basketball team this season. Breaking the school record for most assists, most rebounds and most field goals, Hipp was a great choice for Hy-Vee’s player of the Year.

Q. How did you feel when you made it to State?

A. I felt super excited and very happy we made it back to State.

Q. How did you prepare?

A. I watched film and worked harder in practice.

Q. Who do you think performed best during the State weekend?

A. I think Natalie Denzer did because she worked really hard and played great D.

Q. How did the team as a whole perform?

A. I thought we performed great, working well as a team and we were extremely focused.

Q.What is your opinion on your 2nd place finish?

A. The team that beat us was really good, and I was happy with our place, we’ve done the best of any Pius team plus we moved up a class.

Q. How do you think you performed during the Championship?

A. I thought I played well and really focused on rebounds, and the team did a great job getting the ball.

Q. What was the most exciting thing that happened?

A. The most exciting first was making it to State coming back against Chile, and at State just beating Dexter and knowing we were going to compete in the Championship game.

Q. If you could do it over again would you change anything?

A. No, definitely not, it was a spectacular year and the team was awesome. We just got beat by a good team, and I’m okay with that.

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