The Journey of a Journalist 

By: Meredith Wilson, X Factor Guest Writer.

Speaker John Beaudoin inspires prospering high school journalists by revealing his journey in the field at Mizzou’s Journalism Day held on March 29th, 2017.

With over two decades of ups and downs, John elaborated on what made him the journalist he is today and how he became the owner of KC Communications and Media Matters. His advice to the hopeful and youthful audience: separate politics and journalism, do not blur your lines, find your niche.

At 43 years old, John has held titles of sports writer, advertiser, project manager, editor, and publisher. He informed the next generation of journalists that they will face struggles, but the future is promising. Once dabbled in politics, then met Barack Obama. Once feared getting laid off, then became a media professional. When asked if being in a small newspaper firm and starting small helped him, he responded with a sharp “absolutely”.

In just around an hour’s time, John enlightened future journalists in countless ways. His background, his struggles, and his achievements will hopefully be motivation to those who heard his speech that morning.

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