By: David Kelliher, Student Writer.

The convent is making progress. Over the years of 2016 and 2017 the construction crews have worked hard to give St. Pius a brand new Fine Arts building. The building will house Art, Choir, Journalism/Broadcasting and Tech Design.

This building couldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the Ross’ family huge donation. The building will be named after the Ross family in honor of them – The Fred & Rosalie Ross Fine Arts & Activity Center. This is the biggest construction project Pius has had in the last 10 years.

new convent update

The art department has finally moved into the convent. Everyone is very excited to have more space to express themselves and do their art.

The Construction crews have finished the inside of the activity center and the art classes now have their own studios. Mrs. Hess is ecstatic with her new room and loves the energy she’s getting from her students in their paintings.

“I love our new room. It’s so refreshing to have a bigger space so we can move around and my students can create their projects more easily. We also love the natural light, and no one minds the walk… it’s worth it,” said Mrs. Hess, Art teacher.

Also, the Sartons aren’t too shy about their new building already giving a great performance of Titanic at the pep rally. This couldn’t have been done unless they had their new room to practice. Already this new fine arts building is making the student artists and singers explode with excitement.

“Our building couldn’t be better. The choir room is a lot bigger then the former one. We can actually do our movement activities instead of bumping into each other like we were doing before. We also love the natural light.” said Mrs. Nelson, Choir Teacher.

They still have some finishing touches though. The Newspaper/Yearbook and Broadcasting classes have still yet to move in due to the setting up of the electrical part of the building. But hopefully, they will be done soon.

new convent update 3

Students are excited to be in the convent and continue their art. “I think it is a great addition to the school and it’s a good improvement for the arts department,” said Senior Anna Palmentere.

Pius just didn’t stop there. They are also putting in an outdoor classroom. So the artists can get inspired through nature and other classes can hold discussions outside. This activity center has turned out to be a terrific add on to the St. Pius Campus.
“[The second building] let’s us be loud and gives us fresh air during the walk over,” said Senior Josie Guadagnano.

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