By: David Kelliher, Student Writer

Q: When and why did you start playing basketball? 

A: I started playing basketball in the 2nd grade on a Liberty Parks and Rec team, and I played because when I would watch my older cousins play basketball it looked really fun.

Q: What club basketball team do you play for?

A: I play for Les Chats basketball team. A lot of the girls on the team are from the Kansas side.

Q: Where would you like to attend and play basketball in college?

A: I’m not sure where I want to go to college yet, but I definitely want to play basketball. I wouldn’t like to go too far from home though.

Q: What awards have you received so far on the St. Pius X basketball team?

A: I’ve received Freshman and Sophomore – First Team All District. Freshman and Sophomore- First Team All Conference. Freshman, Sophomore and Junior- Liberty North All Tournament team. Sophomore – Western Central Conference MVP. Sophomore – Northland Classic All Tournament team. Freshman and Sophomore year we won our District and Conference. Sophomore year we placed 3rd in the state of Missouri, Class 3.  

Q: How and when did your nickname “Moose” come about?

A: My nickname came from my dad because his friends called him that when he was younger. Also, my last name is Mussorici and the first part sounds like moose.

Q: How did it feel when you scored your 1,000 career point in Pius basketball?

A: It felt awesome to have scored my 1,000 point., but I couldn’t have done it without any of my teammates.

Q: How did you feel when you broke the 3-point record at Pius? Do you plan to break any more records?

A: When I broke the 3-point record, it felt great and I always think of the saying “Shooters shoot”. Yes, hopefully I can break more records since I have another year playing basketball at Pius.

Q: What’s your favorite basketball memory at Pius?

A: My favorite memory is making it to State with the team last year and getting 3rd.

Q: Who would win a one-on-one? You or the other athlete to break the 1,000 pt reacord this year – Senior Abby Hipp?

A: I definitely would win against Abby because I could cross her up lol and I could hit some 3’s in her face.

Q: Your sister, Senior Andrea Mussorici, runs the soccer field and you run the basketball court – who is the better athlete?

A: I feel like I’m the better athlete in the family because I’m always working on my game while she would rather be shopping.

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