By: David Kelliher, Student Writer

The students of St. Pius X ended their crazy spirit week with an even more crazy night on Saturday in the St. Pius gym. Couples flooded in after an evening out of taking pictures with friends and family. 


Seniors Madison Nay and Tommy Givens enjoy their last Sweetheart. “Sweetheart was definitely one for the books and one of the best dances Pius has had,” said Nay.

The Sweetheart dance is the only dance which allows all grades to attend, so the attendance was pretty high on the dance floor. This being the freshmen’s first dance in their high school career, they were pretty ecstatic.

“The dance was fun. It was better than I expected; I had a good time dancing with my friends and taking pictures all night. I can’t wait for the next dance!” said Freshman Kate Parish.

It’s also tradition for the girls to ask the guys. This is the only dance at Pius that does this. So the Freshmen girls were pretty nervous – this being their first time and all.


Sophomore Olivia Ervie and Junior Mark Lachowitzer have fun at sweetheart together. “I always have a good time when I’m around my friends at school dances and they are always a lot of fun,” says Ervie.


“I got a soccer ball and wrote ‘sweetheart’ all over it, and then I got a poster and wrote ‘can I SCORE a date with you? It’s always been a GOAL of mine,’” said Freshman Erica Hayes.“And when I saw him, I kicked the ball at him and showed him the poster. I was a little nervous.”
Later that night, Seniors Joe Ross and Madeline Quinn were crowned Sweetheart King and Queen. The next dance will Prom on May 6th.

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