By: Nicholas Jamerson, Editor-N-Chief

On Thursday, February 9th many SPX students enrolled in Art III and Tech Design went on a field trip to KU to explore their Art and Design facilities. The students began in a room that was designed by the school’s own students.


A student from KU using an anvil, which is used to work with metal. At KU they have a cutting-edge arts program including unique classes.

“The part that I enjoyed most was how the students that go there are also the ones who helped design the building,” said Senior James Allen.

While on the field trip, the students were shown around all of their design facilities from their wood shop and metalwork shop and finally into their industrial design rooms.


Mrs. Hess’ Art III and Tech Design classeds on their KU field trip. They’re in the painting room where the KU students do model painting every other month.

“My favorite part of the field trip was the industrial design part because it was a lot like tech design, and it made me realize that you can create many of the things that you design on the computer,” said Junior Olivia DiMaggio.

Students were shocked and awed through the field trip. They went from room to room and were quite surprised at everything they saw. All wanted to go back. Mrs. Hess was even lost for a few minutes of the field trip, caught up talking to the teachers about the experience.

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