By: Nicholas Jamerson, Newspaper Editor

Q.What does your Senior year mean to you?

A.That I’m going to be graduating in a couple of months and waiting until the last second to do homework.

Q.What’s the perfect temperature for coffee?

A. 196 degrees Fahrenheit, no more no less – Kirk, because he’s smart.

Q.What are you going to study in college?

A.I’m going to Mizzou to study nursing with a minor in Anger Management.

Q.What’s your favorite sport’s season and why?

A.Fall because it has the best weather, and I like pumpkin bread.

Q.What do you look forward to in the future?

A.I look forward to the day when Triston Ott admits he’s wrong for once, and I’m right.

Q.What’s the best class you’ve taken at Pius?

A.My TA fourth hour this semester.

Q.What is your ideal cookie?

A. Any kind of cookie dough.

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