By: David Kelliher, Student Writer

The Juniors made their way to Benedictine College on Tuesday the 14th to attend the yearly retreat. The teachers who attended this retreat were Mr. Gardner, the Junior religion teacher, Mr. Coakley the Religion Retreat Advisor and Mr. Thornburg the Junior American history teacher. The Junior retreat was based around the theme “Relativism” and the Catholic view on it.


Juniors taking part in Confession and Adoration. Confession time was spent breaking down individual sins and finding ways to break sinful habits. 

“It gives Juniors a chance to understand how to live in a world filled with moral relativism,” said  Coakley.

Students started off the day with introductions to the youth leaders in charge of the retreat, and the speakers who would share their stories. But before they got into the teachings about relativism, they started off with an ice breaker in the spirit of Valentine’s day.

After the first speaker shared her story and gave examples to the class about relativism, they broke up into small groups.

“It changed my perspective on Relativism and how I should speak out about what I believe,” said Junior Zach Cissell.

Once the small groups returned, they got into more discussions over the topic and asked questions as a class and tried to learn the true understanding of Relativism. Many walked away with a new understanding.


Juniors Michael and Christopher Kelliher participated in one of the ice breakers. In this first round, students went back-to-back and turned around, trying not to laugh.

“I’m gonna try to focus on my faith more than I am right now and try to make it grow stronger as I learn more about it,” said C. Kelliher.  

The discussions were followed by a hour of Adoration to God and Reconciliation. During Adoration, the youth leaders gave the class scenarios on how to truly understand Relativism. Once Adoration was over, the class had a small Mass held by the college’s Chaplin.

After Mass, the Junior class enjoyed a lunch provided by Benedictine in their campus cafeteria. Once the closing prayers were said, the Junior class boarded the buses and headed back to Pius with a deeper understanding of Relativism.     

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