By: Nicholas Jamerson, Editor-N-Chief

Q.What is your favorite part of Freshman year?

A.My favorite part is making new friends and the lunches.

Q.What’s the most exercise you do on a given day?

A. Exercise? What’s that?

Q. If Mr. Monachino and Mr. Lee had a one-on-one in basketball, who would win and why?

A.Obviously Mr. Mo would win because he’s a baller.

Q.What do you look forward to most in high school?

A. Besides graduating, I really look forward to spending the next four years with all of my good friends and making new ones.

Q.If you could tame one wild animal what would it be and why?

A. I would tame a gorilla because gorillas are strong and cool and they scare people.

Q.What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

A. I like tubing because it’s awesome.

Q. Who currently is the greatest NFL team in your opinion?

A.Well, facts say the Patriots, but I don’t like them so I have to say the Chiefs because I love Kansas City.

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