By: Nicholas Jamerson, Newspaper Editor.

             Many students here at St. Pius play a sport and a lot of them play multiple sports throughout the year. Some may not play a sport but try to stay healthy. What do all of these people have in common? They all workout. Whether it’s weights or running, they all have workout plans.

            “The best workout I have done that builds up speed for an athlete is running hills,” said Head Track and Field Coach Mr. Jeff Lynch.

To start a good workout, start by stretching and making sure the muscles are loose and won’t cramp up while working out. This is important for both weightlifting and running.


Running stairs is a great way to get the heart rate pumping. No equipment is necessary, which makes it simple to stay in shape.

            “Running hills and stairs are great ways to stay in shape. Running keeps you conditioned and building your speed,” said Junior double-athlete Joey Lynch.

              If running is the top priority, there are workouts after school everyday with the track team and anyone is welcome. If building muscle is key, the weight room is always open after school. If weights aren’t a thing, look to workouts like: sit-ups, push ups and air squats


Junior Robert Ingham demonstrates a proper push up (hands under the shoulders and elbows in). Push ups have multiple benefits for the body. Working out is a great way to stay in shape, try this if looking for a good work out.

           “Push ups are probably the best workout to do when you don’t have a weight room or you don’t want to use the machines,” said Junior Robert Ingham.

             If staying in shape is a key to your success, find a time to workout with friends in many of the St. Pius facilities. 

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