By: David Kelliher, Student Writer.

The construction crews on the newly renovated Convent are still at work to finish its final steps. The students are eager to see what awaits them in this new building named: The Fred and Rosalie Ross Fine Arts and Activity Center.

Among the new features, the Convent will have a Mac Lab, for any classes that wish to use it, an Art studio, music class and computer rooms. The classes that will be moved will be Choir, Tech Design, Journalism, Broadcasting, Art and Business.

Teachers are thrilled with this move, like Coach Ashby or better known as the “IT guy.”


The new broadcasting room is perfect for filming all the new and exciting morning announcements. “I am super excited that we have grown so much that we get to have our own space,” said Broadcasting Adviser Mrs. Gumina.

     “I think it’s amazing! We need the space, plus I think it looks great. They did a great job over there,” said Ashby.

     Another teacher thrilled with this move is Mrs. Hamerle, coach of the St. Pius X Pommies. Once the Art classes move from the main building, she gets to turn the one time Art classroom into her little studio for the dancers.

     The Convent is will also have an event space on the top floor. It will host events like banquets and meetings that would’ve usually taken up gym space. Alumni and marketing guru, Ms. Petite, is really excited. 


One of the many new renovated rooms in the Fine Arts building. This is a potential office space for one of the faculty members.

     “To see a huge renovation like this is just mind blowing and amazing,” said Petite.

     As one can tell, the Alumni current students and staff are very proud of their school and look forward to the building opening later on in February.

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