By: Mr. Jeff Gardner, Guest Writer

As Catholics we confess our sins to a priest in order to receive forgiveness through the merits of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This forgiveness opens us up to commune at the deepest levels with our loving God. In essence, it places us in a right relation to the One who desires us in the deepest, most meaningful manner. This Sacrament removes the roadblock of sin.

This removal of sin’s roadblock,allows one to be reconciled to God and his Church through the conversion of the penitent’s heart. This conversion of heart is a two-fold action: the penitent’s decision to turn away from evil and God’s gift of a new heart. These concurrent acts of ‘turning away’ and ‘reception’ demonstrate that the penitent is seeking to change through God’s gift of grace. The penitent seeks, God gives: right relationship!

Think of it like this: we come to God with our sinful, heavy heart and and a desire to be reconciled to God. God receives both our sin and our desire as he gives us a new heart. It is a union of God and man via the Grace of this beautiful Sacrament.

Yes, it is a Gift from the One who desires an intimate relationship with us! (CCC 1431 and 1432)

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