By: Nicholas Jamerson, Student Writer

On Saturday, December 3rd, The Sarton Singers and SPX Choir rocked the Auxiliary Gym with their latest Christmas Special Concert. Both groups worked diligently for weeks preparing for this special concert for students and parents.

“The show went amazingly, and I have been telling all of them that it was probably the best we’ve had. I really do think it was the best we’ve had at this school,” said Choir Director Mrs. Jordan Nelson.


“Carol of the Bells was my favorite to perform,” said Freshman Finoula Emmons. The Chorus members performed five total songs at the concert.  Photo By: Senior Kristin Jacobson

The concert included the songs: Carol of the Bells and While the Snow Lays Sleeping. Both were fan favorites.

“They were in harmony. I love their dynamics and their perfect pitch,” said Junior Shela Nguyen. The singers were in amazing melody wrapping the crowd in a blanket of harmonized voices.


Standing ready, the Sartons begin their first song at the Christmas concert. “It was truly a magical experience,” said Junior Sarah Niblock. Photo By: Kristin Jacobsen

The performance was a wonderful treat that was pleasing to the ear from the Singers’ voices that echoed through the small gym for everyone to hear.

“I was a little nervous, but I was also excited because it’s my Senior year and this will be the last Christmas Concert I will perform in at this school,” said Senior Camin Wilcox.

This performance was one of two big concerts that the SPX Sartons and Choir will have this year. The next activities will be: Christmas caroling at the Plaza, District contest in March, and a Spring concert in April.

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