By: Nicholas Jamerson, Student Writer

On Friday, December 2nd, SPX Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Mr. Rick Byers was inducted into the Missouri Football Coaches’ Hall of Fame. This Hall of Fame is reserved for coaches who have shown leadership for their athletes and who apply this leadership on and off the field.


Coach Byers takes a selfie with his award at the ceremony. “It’s great to be coached by a Hall of Famer,” said one of his football players, Senior Tommy Givens. Photo taken from Coach Byers’ Twitter.

“This award means that we have been doing all the right things over the years and it’s just nice for someone to notice you trying to do the right things,” said Byers.

Byers has coached football at St. Pius X for 30 years and has done a wonderful job helping the students, not only as a coach but in teaching valuable lessons about working for what you want.

“Personally I think it’s great for him to be recognized for all that he’s done, not only for high school football, but for what he has done for the athletes as well,” said Principal and friend Mr. Joe Monachino.


Coach Byers stands with fellow inductees of the Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame. “I was surprised and honored. I wasn’t expecting it to be as big as it was,” said Byers. Photo taken from Byers’ Twitter.

Byers was presented the award by Mr. Tim Grunhard, a previous Assistant Coach at St. Pius X and professional football player of the Kansas City Chiefs. Byers was the defensive coordinator under Grunhard when he was first starting out. Since then, Byers has has won multiple State Championships and this year brought back a winning record of 7-4.

“I think Coach deserves this award more than anything because he is a really good coach and an amazing mentor,” said Senior Issac Allen.

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