By: Nicolette Brogoto

On Thursday, November 17th, the Men’s Basketball team traveled to Excelsior Springs to begin their exciting, new season. Their first game is traditionally the Jamboree, which is a 2 half, full court, 12 min match up between 4 local schools.  

The boy’s first game was against Jefferson, whom they lost to by one close point. It ended in a 3-point-buzzer-beater, and the team had to reflect. 

“We didn’t play our best,” said Junior Logan Fox. “I took away from that game that we couldn’t overlook anyone,” Fox said.


Sophomore Thomas Ringel tries to block Senior Joe Witherow as Witherow looks to pass the ball to a teammate. The boys did well at their Jamboree and have been practicing their plays over and over, getting ready for their season. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

The second game was played against Mid-Buchanan and the boys won by 6 points. The last and final game they played was a Junior Varsity-Varsity (JV-V) split game against Excelsior Springs which the St. Pius boys ended up winning 25-15. 

“I feel like our offense really got started and so we scored on them early. We played good defense too and so we kept them at a lower score,” said Junior Ian Gerstener. “I learned [from this game] that we need to bring the intensity the whole game and for every game.”

All of these games were close, and the boys improved significantly from the first game against Jefferson to the final game against Excelsior.

“Hopefully, playing these games will give us confidence for the games lying ahead,” said Coach David Lamble. 


Senior Bobby McCoy communicates with his team members in order to see who’s open so he can pass the ball. “We were a little nervous for our first game, but we came back and won the second two,” said McCoy. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

Junior Johnny Conforti, played guard and forward for all 3 consecutive games.

“I could’ve done better in my positions I played. It’s really early in the season, and the chemistry will eventually be there,” said Conforti.

The boy’s next game will be against Barstow on November 29th. It will be at Barstow High School.

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