By: Nicholas Jamerson, Student Writer

On Wednesday, November 16th the St. Pius Student Council had its annual Student Council exchange. This was located at O’Hara High school and the main topics of discussion were the ideas and themes that they have learned people at their school enjoy.


SPX STUCO members started the day with ice breaker competitions. This one included popcycle sticks being put into one person’s mouth and then stacking starburst candies.  The first tower to fall lost. Photo By: Elaina Smith

“One of the best ideas was for school dance themes. We found some ideas that we had never thought of and that we could break up better into dress days and class days,” said Junior Class President Andrew Hipp.

Ideas for future dances, dress up days and pep assemblies seemed to dominate the discussion at O’Hara. 


Senior Erin Giffin and Junior Joe Williams participate in an ice breaker. Whip cream is placed on someone’s head. A partener is to throw Cheetos and get them to stick to the cream. Photo By: Elaina Smith

“It’s important to get new ideas to improve all our events and it’s important for our kids to get involved with the kids from other schools,” said STUCO Advisor Elaina Smith.

The Student Council exchange isn’t just an excuse to get out of school, it is extremely important for members to get more ideas to make all of the SPX events even better.

“My favorite part of the exchange is meeting all of the other people from other schools and learning new ways to make our school events more exciting with fun themes and ideas,” said Senior Erin Giffin.

If you have any questions about Student Council, or want to join next year, contact Ms. Smith at esmith@stpiusxhs-kc.com

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