By: Nicolette Brogoto, Student Reporter

This year’s SPX tennis team doubles partners, Seniors Amy Kallenberger and Molly Heinzler, made it all the way to State for the first time since 2008.

They played Benton as their first stop on their way to State, which was a close game, resulting in a tie breaker. Kallenberger and Heinzler won, in the end, with two winning points.

“It was a fun match to play and I am really grateful for the team I have, for cheering me on,” said Kallenberger.


Sophomore Madeline McDonald watches the ball as she waits for the perfect moment to hit it in order to serve it over the net at the beginning of her game at Oak Park. It is very important to keep focus when serving, so the player’s timing is perfect. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

The doubles partners then made their way down to Springfield, Missouri to compete in the State tournament. Sadly they did not win.

“Going to State was an amazing experience and I loved it. We lost in the consolation round, but we put up a good fight,” said Heinzler.

The tennis season, was very successful. The team ended with a record of 9-2 overall, which lead to the two advancing to State.


Senior Amy Kallenberger tosses the ball for the serve during her match at Oak Park in order to hopefully win the point and advance onto State. “It was very exciting to go to State. I am grateful for the experience,” said Kallenberger. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

“I feel like I’ve really bonded with my team and I’ll miss them so much,” said Heinzler.

The tennis girls, not only had a fantastic record, but they received multiple compliments about how pleasant and sportsmanlike they all were.

“Even though we didn’t win it all, we played with respect and won with grace,” said Head Coach James Thornburg.

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