By: Nicholas Jamerson, Student Writer

The SPX Lady Warrior volleyball team ended with a record of 31-4 with 1 tie playing their hearts out and winning nearly every game of their season. The Warriors, led by Seniors Anna Mcgurn, Meredith Wilson, Faith Wright, and Katie Pearson, ended the year with one of the strongest teams SPX has ever seen.


Seniors Katie Pearson and Meredith Wilson block the oncoming ball to quickly get it back on the opposing side and score a point. “We expected this game to be tough. Of course, I wish we would’ve won, but we played our hearts out and Pleasant Hill is a really good team. I wish next year’s seniors the best to go as far and even further than we did his year,” said Wilson. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

“I will definitely miss the seniors of this year, they were my first group I coached as Freshmen, so I will miss them,” said Head Coach Ms. Krista Daniels.

On Saturday, October 22nd the team played in the Sectional match up, first against the Pembroke Hill Raiders and then against the Pleasant Hill Chicks, defeating Pembroke in two easy matches. The Warriors ended their season with a loss to Pleasant Hill in a spectacular show of athleticism between the two teams. The girls’ only loss this season had been to Pleasant Hill, twice before in the season, but they never lost faith in themselves.


Junior Stephanie Pearson spikes the ball over the net to score a point against the opposing team, during the second set of the match. “They were undefeated. The girls are very committed. We need to practice even harder next year,” said S. Pearson. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

We had already lost to Pleasant Hill twice before this game, but we went into the game thinking we can win this one; we expected it to be tough,” said Senior Meredith Wilson.


Senior Anna McGurn dives for the ball as she attempts to bump it back to the other side after Pleasant Hill spiked it over the net during the first set. “Even though we didn’t go to State, we all worked very hard,” said McGurn. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

The Warriors fought hard throughout the whole game, even after playing a game just shortly before against the Raiders. Although their season has been cut short for this year, the girls look forward to facing Pleasant Hill again next year.

“Next year, the Seniors will be great leaders and I wish them the best to go as far and even farther than we did this year,” said Wilson.

Volleyball workouts will start again in June of 2017. The group again looks strong with an overflow of participants looking to tryout for the team.  


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