By: Nicholas Jamerson, Student Writer

On Friday, October 21st the St. Pius X Warrior Football team took on the Pembroke Hill Red Raiders and not only won their first District playoff game but defeated the Raiders in back-to-back wins 2 weeks in a row.The Warriors worried their fans, in the beginning, allowing the Raiders to score the first touchdown of the game but later on in the second half finally pulled themselves together defeating them 38-18.


Set up at the line of scrimmage, the offensive team prepares to get a third down against Pembroke. “It wasn’t our best game, but we came out and battled and won the game,” said  Senior Bobby McCoy. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

“They started off flat and kind of scared me at first, but they just got stronger towards the end,” said Senior fan Nicki Ragusa.

It was a very well-played game that gripped the fan’s attention for all 4 quarters with players like: Seniors Tommy Givens making 2 sacks and Joe Witherow getting 2 interceptions.

“The interceptions were exciting to get, but the biggest part was just the change in tone on the field afterward,” said Senior Joe Witherow.


Offensive team members tackle Pembroke in order to protect the quarterback as he prepares to throw the ball down the field. “It was a hard fought game, but we came out on top,” said Senior Isaac Allen. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

Pembroke Hill put up a good fight against the Warriors scoring 3 touchdowns but still inevitably lost because the Warrior Offense, Defense, and Special Teams were too strong.

“We did very well. When Pembroke went up, we never lost our composure and kept playing hard,” said Head Coach Rick Byers.

The team’s first playoff game went very well which now makes them 7 and 3 for the season. This now allows them to continue on for more District games. The team has been working the entire week to get ready for the Spoofhounds.


Junior Joey Lynch prepares for the play by watching the ball and listening to the call during the second half of the game. It is important to keep focus throughout the entire game in order to assure the win. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

“We need to know our opponent, even though we play them a lot we need to study them and get to know them well if we’re going to win,” said Byers.

The next game will be today October 28 against Maryville at Maryville.

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