By: Nick Jamerson, Student Writer

The SPX theater production of the musical the Addams Family will take center stage in November. Student actors are rehearsing most every day to prepare for show day.

It’s a brand new musical that is all about a very iconic family, and really focuses on the values of marriage, family and finding the good through the darkness,” said director Mrs. Alyssa Dunning.


Senior Sarah Koster follows along with the script waiting to say her line during play practice outside of the gym. “Theatre this year has been awesome, especially performing the Addams Family Musical and bonding with other theatre people,” said Koster.

Previous musicals were all based off of children’s stories such as: Horton Hears a Who, The Wizard of Oz, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the Addams Family is no exception, except it comes with a twist. It is an amusing story of a crazy family that is despised by all because of their crazy antics causing them to lose their house which they then fight back to keep. It is a musical that not only will the kids love but the adults as well due to it’s more family based entertainment.

“This new musical has more dancing,choreography and new leads,” said Senior lead Joseph Ross.


Seniors Joe Ross and Jacob Quintero rehearse their lines in the St. Pius hallways to further familiarize themselves with their roles in the musical.”Theatre is a great opportunity to interact with some of the younger grades in the school and meet people I wouldn’t otherwise know,” said Rodd. Photo By: Kristin Jacobson

This unique musical is sure to wow the crowd with dancing, music and more. Fun and different characters will be sure to capture the audience’s attention. 

“I like that once I’m assigned a character I get to adapt to the character, pick up personality traits I wouldn’t normally have, and get to see the world through a different lens,” said Ross.

The added uniqueness will come at a price of extra practice and outside time to rehearse.

“This is a very difficult show because everyone is so important from the crew to the ensemble. The choreography, music, and acting are all very difficult so it will be a great challenge in every aspect,” said Dunning.


Junior Dani Christian practices singing her songs in the upcoming musical at play practice in the gym in order to prepare herself for the quickly-approaching play. “Death is Just Around the Corner is my favorite song to sing and dance to because it has so many kicklines,” said Christian.

The shows will take place on November 10th, through the 12th at 7 PM in the SPX auxiliary gym. There will also be a Matinee performance Saturday at 2 P.M. Tickets will be $5 for general admission, $8 for closer seats, and $10 for cushioned seats.

“It’s my first Pius musical, so I’m very excited to see it,” said Junior Robert Lange.

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