By: Nick Jamerson, Student Writer

The St. Pius X Pep Club is like the unknown hero in a comic book who works behind the scenes to hype up the school spirit. Pep Club is put together through the efforts of Mrs. Toni Hess, Senior Grace Gengler and various students throughout the school who meet once a month in the Art room to discuss themes and cheers for the student section.

“Pep club is assembled by anyone who has school spirit and wants to cheer on their school,” said Hess.


The SPX cheer team sways their hands at the football game to get the crowd cheering. “Pep club is a great new club this year that was started, and in collaboration with cheerleading, has made all sports events more exciting and fun,” said Senior Co-Captain Caroline Ramsey. Photo By: Kristin Jacobson

Pep Club was started last year but never really took off until this year thanks to 2017 Seniors like: Gengler, Marissa Rockford and Jose Cantu. These Seniors often fill in as crowd leaders and run the flag for touchdowns.

“Our seniors are Pius proud and want to support it. I’m the same way as them as well,” said Hess.

When Hess was a SPX student, there was no Pep Club just students with a lot of school spirit and she is proud to see that the students now are loving their school as much as she did and does.

“Personally I enjoy making posters and being a section leader at sports games to make our Student Section more enthusiastic,” said Gengler.


Senior Grace Gengler hangs up pep club signs before the football game at the Pius football field to further support the team. These signs were featured on Channel 9 as the news crew came out to tape the game of the week. Photo By: Kristin Jacobson

These students are very dedicated in supporting their school putting in a lot of work to pump up, not only the athletes, but to make everyone support their school by doing things like making signs, creating chants, and going to the games to get everyone fired up in the student section.

“I help make posters and organize themes that hype up school spirit and inspire the other students to get hyped for our school,” said Rockford.

The Pep Club will make its next apparence today at the Maryville football game. The theme will be announced on its Twitter page – The Tribe.


Senior Marisa Rockford makes a sign to support the volleyball team in the art room before school. Pep Club tries to support all teams and clubs inside the Pius walls. Photo By Kristin Jacobson

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