By: Kristin Jacobson, Photographer

On September 19th, 2016 the boy’s soccer team had their Homecoming Game against Clinton High School. Unfortunately, the score ended at a 4-1 lose for the Warriors, which was a first time against this school.

Going into the game, they were anticipating a challenge.

“I knew it would be a tough game. They have a very athletic team,” said head varsity soccer coach Mr. Todd Ashby.


Freshman Ryan Walters hits the ball on his knee in order to block it after it was thrown into the JV game against Clinton. The JV team won this match. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

The one goal that Pius scored was by Junior Midfielder Zach Cissell. It was a penalty kick made in the last five minutes of the game after a player was tripped in the box.

“I needed to make this point to get the team motivated,” said Cissell.

Many of the players were disappointed by the outcome, but acknowledged one of their main problems was their mindset.

“It was a tough game. We were not in the right mindset. They really just wanted the win a lot more than we did,” said Junior Drake Ewing.


Junior Clayton Woollen throws the ball in from the sidelines during the first half of the JV game to pass it to a teammate and to hopefully score a point. This requires focus and teamwork from all team members in order to prevent the other team from stealing the ball. Photo by: Kristin Jacobsen

The Warriors stand with a record of 6-7. With only 2 seniors on the field and 9 graduated in Spring of 2016, the team has been working toward post season play.

“A couple of calls didn’t go our way, but our loss wasn’t indicative of the season. The boys knew they had a lot of work to do to get ready for the post season. We have to get ready for Districts,” said Mr. Ashby.

Even though the game was a loss, the team took it as a lesson to be learned on working hard and keeping in the right frame of mind before playing against another team.

“We came in taking them lightly. We were outworked and we can learn a lot from that. We need to never go in thinking we’re going to win. We need to always come out ready to go,” said Cissell.

The boys played against Harrisonville on Thursday, September 29th and ended in a tie 3-3.  Their next game will be at the Oak Park invitational this weekend at Staley High School.

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