By: Katie Pileggi, Social Media Editor

Summer is a time of relaxation, working, and of course TRAVELLING! When asking the entire student body where they were going on vacation, the results that came in were astounding.

The warriors are going to be travelling busy bees this summer. In locations like Germany, Greece, Canada, the Bahamas, Florida, and maybe just exploring Kansas City, everyone is sure to have a good time. St. Pius itself is even putting on two fantastic trips: the annual Guatemala Mission Trip and a trip to England. The Guatemala Mission Trip will take place Saturday, June 4th through Saturday, June 11th. The group has many returning missionaries as well as many new ones.

Returning missionary Senior Hannah Rudkin said, “My favorite part of the trip last year was building stoves because in one of the houses there was a little kid named Carlito. He was so grateful we were there and it was a great experience to give a family what they desperately needed.”

Other activities the missionaries do include handing out donations and sick bags and providing water filtration systems in order to help the community have clean drinking water. Overall, mission trips can be a life changing experience.

Sophomore and new missionary, Gabriela Mendoza said, “I think people should go on trips like this because it is inspiring. It opens your eyes and shows that not everyone is as privileged as the people in the U.S. and I get to see that.”

As a past missionary, Hannah Rudkin said something similar. “It teaches you that you don’t know how much you have until you see it in a different environment. I also love going to Guatemala because everyone is so happy 100% of the time,” said Rudkin.

The other trip St. Pius is holding this summer is a trip to England.

“The trip is at the beginning of June and we are traveling to several places in England. The trip is about a week long,” said Junior Molly Heinzler, who has never been England before.

This trip to England is going to be a Literature tour.

“We will be visiting many popular and historical sites, one of which is based upon the life of Emily Bronte, the author of Wuthering Heights,” said Heinzler. During this ten day trip, students and teachers are going to be experiencing much of England that many people have never seen before.

St. Pius Mathematics teacher and chaperone Mr. Bonello said, “[I am excited] To experience another country’s culture and landmarks. I went back to Italy in college and I was amazed that the landmarks of almost all eras in Western Civilization were all around me. A history textbook came alive right in front of me.”

The St. Pius students and teachers are very excited to explore England not only on a travelling level, but on an educational level as well.

“This trip is not only meant for educational purposes and school reasons, but for real life experience. This trip offers a variety of unseen and unforetold adventures and possibilities. I guarantee that anyone who goes on this trip will come back with plenty of new insight and amazing experiences. If you have a chance to go on this trip, take it,” said Heinzler.

Overall, the St. Pius community is very excited to hear all about the two trips we are hosting this summer.

Other than school hosted trips, there are many students who are going on summer vacations themselves. Junior Grace Gengler is also going on an Europe Tour, travelling to England and more. She is travelling to London, Liverpool, Lancaster, and Dublin.

“My family has always wanted to go to Europe, but we were waiting until my younger brother was old enough to appreciate it,” said Gengler.

However, Gengler is not alone. Junior Zach Dickey is also going on a major tour, but in a different environment. He is travelling to Florida, like he does most summers, as well as Cozumel and Costa Maya, Mexico, Belize, and Honduras.

“[I am excited to] be able to go to new places that I’ve only heard about or seen pictures of,” said Dickey.

He will not be going alone, but with his family and extended family, including his aunts and uncles and even three close family friends. Dickey is very fortunate to be going on a getaway like this.

“We normally do go to Florida, specifically to Disney World, but we wanted to try something new on this cruise,” said Dickey.

Another student going on summer vacation is Junior Grace Ross. Ross is going to Poland for World Youth Day. This trip is so much different than all of the other ones.

“It is like a pilgrimage. We will be staying in a hotel for two nights, then in a hostel, and then even on the ground in a park,” said Ross.

During this pilgrimage, Ross and her mom, Aunt Lisa, and cousin Lindsay will get the opportunity to see the Pope.

Ross said, “I am most excited to see the Pope, and being able to be in the same city as him will be amazing.”

With all of these summer vacations we will have to ask ourselves, Where in the world are the warriors? Safe travels to all students, faculty, and staff traveling this summer!

Travelling Stories:

Molly  Heinzler – Once my brother kept my family waiting in an airport for over an hour because the authorities thought his M&M’s were illegal contraband.

Gabrielle Mendoza – When I was little, my family and I travelled to Florida and I guess my name is the same as someone on the terrorist list. The security guards had to take my family on the side and examine us. It was such a huge ordeal.

Hannah Rudkin – On a family roadtrip to Yellowstone National Park, my family and I were driving through an area with a bunch of roaming animals with the windows down.A donkey came up to our car and it tried to lick me from outside the car. I rolled my window up and its tongue almost got caught.

Grace Gengler – Every year my family and I travel to Hilton Head, South Carolina. It is sort of a tradition to go to Chick-fil-a on the way. This particular Chick-fil-a is famous for having a “dwarf house”. My family and I always put our shoes on our knees, and take a photo in front of the house. Basically we are dwarfs. Yeah it is pretty embarrassing.

Grace Ross – This isn’t that embarrassing, but once my family travelled to Destin, Florida and whenever we went to the beach, my cousin would start eating the sand. Let’s just say my cousin was not let out of our sight after that.

Zach Dickey – When I was little, I went to Disney World, like my family and I do every year. This particular time we were moving all of our stuff into our hotel room and I was carrying a few bags. There was this racoon and I really didn’t know how to react! I sort of dropped all of the bags I was carrying, but I didn’t know what to do after that.

Mr. Bonello – I first traveled to Italy when I was 4 years old. Sitting 8 hours in an airplane  is no fun for anyone, but it’s worse when you’re so little. Early in the flight.I started to kick at the seat in front of me, which enraged the Japanese businessman sitting there. He turned around and yelled at me in Japanese. At that point I curled into a fetal position in my seat and stayed that way most of the rest of the flight.

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