The soccer team took on the Sion Storm at Sion on May 4. The girls unfortunately lost to the Storm 2-0, but they gained momentum heading into the postseason. 

By: Sarah Abney, Photographer


Junior Katie Pearson and teammates looking to score a goal. The girls unfortunately fell to Sion 2-0. Photo by: Sophia Cobos

Girl’s Varsity soccer played Sion on May 5th at Sion’s new renovated field. Pius fought strong against the Storm; which Coach Todd Ashby said, “odds favor [they will] take State.” The long awaited game ended in a clenching 2-0 loss for the Warriors.

Sion had a total of 17 shots total, 12 on frame, and five corners. Goalie Junior Faith Wright had 15 remarkable saves.

“We had opportunities and we could have finished it,” commented Ashby.

Despite the tough loss, Pius played with an excellent defensive strategy.

“The first half there were times we scrambled and panicked in situations we didn’t need to. The second half was a huge step forward for us as a team because we were able to keep our composure and maintained possession for the majority of the second half,” added Senior soccer captain Emma Meinking.

This is the first time SPX has played the school in four years.

“[The] girls did really good. I don’t believe the score represented how they played. we had a few moments where the girls did their absolute best last night,” said Ashby.


The Warriors playing on Sion’s newly renovated field. The latest installments of safety nets blocked missed shots. Photo by: Sophia Cobos.

Sion has been a difficult team to beat and has come back strong for this season and after a recent loss to St. Theresa’s Academy (1-0). The Pius girls will play again on Monday against Warrensburg. They will continue with a strong record of 14-2 for the season and plan on another road to State in June.



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