The track team places at the Odessa Relays. The team had many medalists and lots of good competition. 

By: Ryan Barber, Copy Editor

The Odessa Relay Meet was held on Monday, May 2nd, and the Warriors had an outstanding performance. St Pius X finished third place overall out of six teams, including: Smithville, Odessa, Sion, Center and Wellington-Napoleon.


Junior Sean Byrant, Senior Jacob Cummings, Junior Ryan Vutich, and Senior Jacob Taylor pictured after a successful meet at Odessa. The medley broke an exciting record. Photo by: Victoria Haggerty.

“Setting the medley record, Senior Jake Taylor, Junior Ryan Vutich,  Senior Jacob Cummings, and Junior Sean Bryant was great,” said Head Track Coach Mr. Jeff Lynch.

 The medley team beat the record by an astounding seven seconds. Cummings also previously broke the record for the Boys’ 400 meter dash.

 “I was really excited, but at the time I was pretty tired too. That’s mainly what I was feeling,” Cummings said.

 On the side of the throwers, Juniors Isabel Ringel, Angel Manning and  Senior Shannon Mcilhenney all set personal records in the javelin, and the throwers’ 4×100 set a record of 52.2 in their race.   

Also, Junior Lucas Salinas, Sophomore David Kelliher, Junior Nick Jamerson, and Tommy


Senior Amelia Bresette  and Junior Isabel Ringle taking position for the start of their sprint medley at Odessa. The girls received 4th place. Photo by: Victoria Haggerty.

Teson all participated in the relay, and showed off their speed when it counted.

“[My] shotput destroyed everyone. Also, watching Ryan sprinting in his medley was the best part, and he set a school record,” said Salinas.   

The team will compete at Smithville on Friday, May 6, at the Conference Meet.





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