Throughout the year, the journalism team has worked very hard to share all of the news from St. Pius X. Not many people know what goes on in the journalism room, so here is some insight into what we have been working so hard on this year.

By: Morgan Storm, Editor in Chief

With this being St. Pius’ first online newspaper, the staff had some pretty sizable obstacles to overcome. Our biggest hurdles we had to cross was learning how to use our website. During our first issue, no one had any idea how to post stories, add pictures, or really do anything.

“The first issue was absolutely crazy. Everyone was mad at Mrs. Gumina because she was going crazy. I’m glad our issues now aren’t like that anymore because it was like a natural disaster in the journalism room,” said Senior design editor, Victoria Haggerty.


Journalism Staffers Junior Michel Hayden, Sophomore Ryan Barber, Seniors Savanna Ott, Victoria Haggerty, and Junior Faith Wright all working diligently on our last newspaper of the year. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

Nothing worked on WordPress for our first issue. Every single person on the staff was on the website trying to post stories, but nothing was posting. All of us were in the computer lab trying to get everything up, but there were so many people trying to edit that there weren’t any stories that were actually ready to go out.

As the year went on, we have tried our best to write at least one story about every major event that has happened here, along with a couple of stories about each of the sports.

“My favorite story was my story about the different athletes that signed to play in college. I really liked it because it was fun to talk to people that I don’t usually talk to, and I got to learn more about them,” said Senior copy editor, Savanna Ott.

Despite having many struggles to overcome, everyday in journalism was a different adventure. We have a great staff and all of us work very hard to get all of the stories out, but we still have fun. Almost everyday, something funny or crazy happens.

Senior social media editor Katie Pileggi said, “I really am proud of how far we have all come. We are the first online newspaper at Pius and we have all put in a lot of work to try to make it great.”

Once second semester started, we got some new faces on our staff. Everyone that had been in journalism first semester was now in Journalism 2 and were editors. All of the Journalism 1 students were reporters, but they couldn’t write for the first issue.

“The hardest part of coming into journalism second semester was that we came in right in the middle, and we all had to try to catch up with everyone because they all knew what was going on and we didn’t,” said Senior reporter, Erin Balint.


Seniors Sarah Abney, Erin Balint, and Katie Pileggi loving the new green screen that was newly bought for the other half of the Journalism Staff, Broadcasting. Now everyone can take selfies with puppies behind them. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

We all would like to think that our paper came a long way since the beginning of the year. We tried our best to make the improvements that we needed. There are always things that can be better, and we hope that in the coming years the staff continues what we started.

“We are definitely more experienced and know how to pass down our ways better. I hope the upcoming year’s staff will be able to grow even further and advance in the craft we have started here at Pius,” said Senior photographer, Meghan Hayden.

We as the X Factor staff would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our newspaper in its first year.  We have worked very hard to keep all the students, staff, and families up to date with what is going on here at St. Pius. We greatly appreciate everyone who has read our paper and hope that you will all continue reading it in the coming years. As most of the staff this year are seniors, the writers and editors of next year’s paper will be different.

To next year’s staff, we wish you luck and hope you enjoy it as much as all of us. From all of us here at the X Factor, we hope that you liked reading the paper as much as we liked creating it.

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