Campus Ministry is a group of students and faculty who feel called to live out the corporal works of mercy by serving those less fortunate than themselves.  

By: Savanna Ott, Copy Editor

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you…” John 15:12


Senior Tommy Ryan at Street Ministry and helping the homeless. The Street Ministry team not only feeds the homeless but prays with them too. Photo By: Diane Pickert

The Campus Ministry group at St. Pius X takes these words from Jesus to heart in everything they do.  The group focuses on living out the corporal works of mercy: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, burying the dead, sheltering the traveler, comforting the sick, and freeing the imprisoned.  

Some of the activities that Campus Ministry does includes: distributing food and clothing and comforting and having conversations with the homeless.  

Shela Nguyen, Sophomore, explains the current Campus Ministry sponsored project.

“Right now we are writing letters to prisoners.  Anyone can do it, not just people involved in Campus Ministry,” said Nguyen.

All letters are due to Mrs. Unger on Tuesday, April 19th.

“Another thing we do is volunteer at a soup kitchen,” said Nguyen.

The soup kitchen is called St. James and is located near the Cathedral.

“I love learning how to help other people.  One of my favorite things is also the special bond that I have with the people I work with,” said Nguyen.


Sophomore Shela Nguyen writing a letter to a prisoner. The Campus Ministry team is currently writing letters to the incarcerated. Photo By: Faith Wright

The group is student led, with every student taking a month to be a leader.  During that month, the student in charge is responsible for coming up with a project.  Mrs. Unger is the teacher/adviser for the group.

“Campus Ministry is something I just really feel called to participate in.  It’s a great way to spread God’s love, and that is something that everyone should share,” said Vanessa Carlisle.

Arnold Nguyen, brother to Shela and a Junior, is also a member of Campus Ministry.

“I really like the Street Ministry aspect of Campus Ministry.  I like how I am able to help, not only people at my school, but people outside.  Street Ministry really focuses on mercy, a quality that I’m a big fan of,” said A. Nguyen.

Street Ministry meets every Tuesday afternoon after school to minister to the homeless.

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