Jillian Sinosa is the Sophomore of the Month.  She is active in Street Ministry, cheerleading and is a lover of the outdoors.

By: Ryan Barber, Copy Editor

Q: What is the best season and why?

A: Summer because it gives you a lot of time to spend with family and friends, and you get to go on vacations. Also, it’s a break from school, and who doesn’t want that?


Sophomore Jillian Sinosa with some of her closest friends. From left to right: Aysia Pendleton, Megan McDonald,Vanessa Sanchez, Megan McBride, Abby Shehan, Naomi Alvarez, Meztly Tovar, Jillian Sinosa. They are going for a girls night out. Photo by: Anonymous

Q: What is your favorite summer memory?

A: Last summer I went canoeing, and my dad put a fish in my can of Coca Cola. I didn’t know it was there, and I took a drink of it. We also went in a lot of circles.

Q: What’s the worst thing about D Lunch?

A: Everything’s bad about it! [She exclaimed.] If you didn’t eat breakfast that morning, you’re done for. Sitting around all A, B, and C, and watching the clock is horrible. I guess it’s the anticipation that makes it so bad.

Q: Who would win between Mr. Bond and Voldemort in a wizard battle?

A: Mr. Bond, because he seems like a smart guy. He’d probably think of some scientific way to outsmart Voldemort and win.

Q: What is your best story about volunteering?

A: During street ministry, we went behind a Price Chopper and went in the woods. After walking on a dirt path for around two minutes, we found a homemade shelter and a garden that a man had built. He also took care of a few baby kittens. The cool thing was that he had a job, but he chose to be there. It really amazed me.


Sophomore of the Month Jillian Sinosa and her cheer friends at Girl’s Basketball State. Cheering for their fellow Lady Warriors was a highlight of the cheer season. Photo by: Anonymous

Q: What outdoor activity is the most fun and why?

A: Hiking with friends. The feeling of reaching the top, and getting to the final destination, is such a rewarding feeling. Doing it with friends and getting to see the view from the top make it so worth it, especially hiking up tall mountains.

Q: What is your favorite type of dog?

A: A cavalier spaniel. It has really floppy ears. The one my aunt has is really fat, and when you rub its belly, it instinctively lies on its back. It’s not too aggressive, but also not too shy.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in these next years of high school?

A: Making memories, getting involved, and making the most out of everything. Cheering my Senior year before going off to college should be really fun too.

Q: If Mrs. Hess challenged Pablo Picasso to an art competition, who would win?

A: That’s a hard question! [She turns and asks Junior Faith Wright what she would answer. Wright doesn’t know who would win.] I’d say Mrs. Hess because she studies different techniques and different people, which could outweigh Picasso’s style.


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