St. Pius enjoyed a night full of dinner, dancing, and fun at the 2016 Prom.  This year’s theme for Prom was Made in Kansas City.

By: Halle Nelson, Reporter

The annual tradition of St. Pius X’s Prom, presented by the Junior class, was held on Saturday, April 30th at the renowned Kansas City Hilton Hotel Ballroom. SPX STUCO spent countless hours preparing for the event. 

The arrival line resembled the Oscar’s Red Carpet with Juniors and Seniors donning their best formal wear. The evening began with a delicious three course meal, which included main course options of steak, chicken, or ratatouille.

“The most exciting moment at Prom was when the food came out because the food was really good,” said Junior Hanna Ly.



Juniors and Seniors dance along to the Cupid Shuffle. The dance was held at Hilton by the airport. Photo by: Mikayla Alchin

There was also a complimentary chocolate fondue bar on site. After dinner, guests hit the dance floor with zeal, dancing to their favorite songs.

Former St. Pius student and Prom guest, Alexander Drake, absolutely loved this experience.

“I think the most memorable experience from Prom was dancing. I love dancing, it’s fun and it’s a fun way to hang out with your friends,” said Drake.

Popular songs of the night included: old favorites like Single Ladies by Beyonce, Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex and also newer hits such as Watch Me by Silento.

“An all-time favorite Prom song would have to be Don’t Stop Believin,” said Ly.

The Junior and Senior classes expressed their appreciation for one of Pius’ favorite teachers, Mr. Thornburg, on his birthday with an acapella Happy Birthday on the dance floor. Students were so glad he shared his special day with them at Prom, along with many other favorite teachers and staff who work to make the night special.

“I feel like we are all like his kids and he got to spend his birthday with us…his kids,” said Junior Anna McGurn.


All the single ladies were on the dance floor dancing to the iconic Beyonce song. Seniors showcased their formal wear in the annual Promenade before the dancing bagan. Photo by: Mikayla Alchin

At the end of the night, Prom royalty was announced. Though there were many deserving candidates of the title of Prom king and queen, ultimately these honorary titles were bestowed upon Seniors Patrick Doherty and Serena Stoetzer.

“The best thing about being crowned Prom Queen is the honor that the junior and senior class nominated you and you can end your senior year being Prom Queen,” said senior Serena Stoetzer.

After the dance, most of the students headed over to Pius for After Prom. The event featured a magician, poker and blackjack tables, bouncy houses, and an obstacle course, along with pizza and another round of desserts.

“It was just a really memorable time, especially because it was our first Prom. I think Pius’ Prom is better than Prom at other schools since we all know each other better,” said Natalie Denzer, Junior.

Overall, Prom and After Prom were the highlight event of this 2015-2016 school year. 

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