The Journalism class took a field trip to Mizzou in April for J-Day.  They attended classes, ate lunch and explored the campus.  

By: Michael Hayden, Reporter

On April 6, 2016, the SPX journalism classes went on a field trip to University of Missouri. Students sat in on a press conference with Mizzou journalists, chose several advanced classes and some entered a photo contest. 

Among the journalists: Seniors Meghan Hayden, Erin Balint and Cori Fricke. These three had much to say about the trip. Hayden entered the photo contest where she received an assignment, at the event, and was professionally critiqued. 

Hayden said, “I enjoyed walking around the campus and taking photos.”

Her favorite of all the photos she took is of a girl jumping in puddle.








During the field trip Balint attended many of the professional journalism classes. Her favorite of these sessions was the Puppy Monkey Baby, which was a basic advertising discussion. 

Balint said, “I would’ve also liked to attend the cartoon session, but there wasn’t enough time.”

This trip was an introduction to all types of journalism careers and ways students can and could get into the field.

“[It was] very fun and I encourage people to go to Mizzou next year,” said Balint.image

Fricke is interested in advertising and so also attended the Puppy Monkey Baby break out session but didn’t get a chance to participate in all of the courses offered.

“I wish I could’ve gone to see the drone session,” said Fricke.

Fricke, along with many other students, went on college tour, where MU students answered questions about college. 

This J-Day trip will become an annual event for the SPX journalism teams.

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