Nearing the end of the school year wishing a very happy birthday to the following students with a summer birthdays:

By: Halle Nelson, Reporter



Many People at SPX have summer birthdays, these are just a few of the summer babies. Left to right: Sophomores Shela Nguyen, Emma Johannes, Seniors Travis Barber, Jacob Commings, Sophomores Devin Heinzler and Noah Adams. Photo by: Meghan Hayden


Freshman: Angelina Glorioso – July 9, 2001

Best thing about summer: I don’t have to go to school, and I can do whatever I want during the day.

Worst thing about a summer birthday: Not being at school, so people can’t  wish me a happy birthday in person

Sophomore: Katie Rainey – June 26th, 2000

 Best thing about summer: The good weather and sunshine.

Worst thing about a summer birthday: Being the youngest in the grade, I’m turning 16 in the middle of this summer, so all the summer jobs are going to be taken! Ugh, so frustrating!


Juniors Lydia Essig, Nicolette Brogoto and Anna McGurn all have summer Birthdays and they love it. They are proud to be born in the sunny season. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

Junior: Anna Palmentere – May 25th, 1999

Best thing about summer: I get presents in the summer and  I can have my party at the pool.

Worst thing about a summer birthday: All of my friends get to drive before me, and I was the last of my friends to get my driver’s license. Also, it makes me one of the youngest in the class.

Senior: Clare McKellar – June 23rd, 1998

Best thing about summer: Best part is that I don’t have school, so I have the whole day to do whatever I want.

 Worst thing about a summer birthday: Sometimes my friends go on vacation so they can’t hang out with me on my birthday.


Anna Palmentere 5/25/1999
Lydia Essig 5/26/1999
Thomas Rudkin 5/26/2000
Sophie Fulton 5/27/1999
Katherine Pileggi 5/27/1997
Edgardo Pizano 5/28/2001
Jack Muirhead 5/28/2000
Thomas Ross 5/29/2001
Jake Wilcox 5/30/2001
Noah Adams 5/31/2000
Estevan Sanchez 5/31/1998
Jessica Giokas 6/2/1998
Stephanie Pearson 6/2/2000
Silvia Machauf 6/3/1998
Jake Van Winkle 6/3/1998
Joseph Granado 6/4/2000f
Anthony Tello 6/5/2000
Lindsey DeVreugd 6/6/2001
Ryan Barber 6/7/2000
Johnny Conforti 6/7/1999
Sophia Cobos 6/8/1998
Gabriela Mendoza 6/9/2000
Colin Cummings 6/10/1999
Matthew Kirk 6/13/1998
Manuel Orihuela 6/14/1999
William Gerstner 6/14/1998
Brandon Angeles 6/15/2000
Peter Boos 6/16/1998
Claire Giefer 6/16/1999
Jessy Tang 6/18/2001
Shela Nguyen 6/21/2000
Anna McGurn 6/22/1999
Julia Adams 6/22/2000
Clare McKellar 6/23/1998
Hope Simone 6/23/2001
Morgan Wright 6/24/1999
Travis Barber 6/25/1998
Teresa Deters 6/25/1997
Nathan Dunn 6/26/2000
Katherine Rainey 6/26/2000
Gavin Ott 6/27/2001
Devin Heinzler 6/27/2000
Molly Corrigan 6/29/2000
Sydney Gardner 6/29/1999
Joseph Knipp 6/29/1998
Tristan Ott 6/30/1999
Derek King 7/1/1999
Andrea Hill 7/1/1998
Alexandra Lopez-Ortiz 7/2/2001
Meredith Wilson 7/6/1999
Sydney Demayo 7/6/2000
Noah Anderberg 7/7/2000
Xavier Schmidt 7/7/1999
Joseph Brancato 7/8/1997
Angelina Glorioso 7/9/2001
Nicco Salazar 7/9/1998
Joseph Pluenneke 7/10/1998
Thomas Teson 7/11/1998
Alison Carlisle 7/12/2001
Amalia Civella 7/12/2000
Brendan Bauer 7/14/1998
Angel Manning 7/14/1999
Brendan McKellar 7/16/2000
Megan McBride 7/17/2000
Joseph Niblock 7/17/1997
Marisa Thomas 7/18/1999
Amanda Hayes 7/20/1998
Brandon Bednar 7/22/1999
Minh Tran 7/22/2000
Whitney Akalugwu 7/23/1999
Joseph Ragusa 7/24/2000
Megan McDonald 7/24/2000
James Rupp 7/25/2000
Vincent Cascone 7/26/2000
Grace Ross 7/26/1998
Emma Johannes 7/27/2000
Thomas DeVreugd 7/28/1999
Katelyn Garcia 7/28/2000
Vu Nguyen 7/28/2000
Vincent Gardner 7/30/2001
Jacob Cummings 7/31/1997
Ignatius Harmon 7/31/1999
Vanessa Sanchez 8/3/2000
Joshua Wright 8/5/2000
Michael Finazzo 8/6/1999
Luke Baker 8/7/1997
Zachariah Dickey 8/8/1998
Kennedy Melcher 8/8/2000
Ha Luu 8/8/1997
Jackson Graham 8/11/1998
Sophie Deister 8/12/2000
Nicole Najar 8/13/1999

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