Awards Night is a special evening held each year in order to honor those who do exceptionally well in class, have earned scholarships, have perfect attendance or have reached an exceptional amount of service hours.

By: Katie Pileggi, Social Media Editor

On Wednesday, May 4, 2016: Saint Pius X held its annual Awards Night in the Activity Center at 6:30 PM. Only a select few were given invitations to attend this prestigious night.

“[Awards Night] is held for academic classroom excellence, service and perfect attendance. Awards go to students who are at the top of their class, have 200 to 300 service hours and any of those who go above and beyond every day,” said Office Manager, Mrs. Kerry O’Malley.


Senior Luke Ross is an outstanding student at SPX and was awarded for it at the 2016 Awards Night. He received many of the top awards including National Merit Finalist. Photo by: Nicco Salazar

This event is held every year to celebrate those who might not be recognized throughout the rest of the school year for academic excellence.

“It is nice to give spotlight to academic and service accomplishments in our school community,” said Sophomore Theology teacher, Mr. Ringel.

How it works is: the students with perfect attendance and extraordinary service hours are automatically in the running, as well as students receiving scholarships of any kind. Teachers also get the chance to nominate specific students who shine in their classrooms. Yet nominations are totally objective by scores. .

“It is usually very difficult to draw the line in recognition, there are so many ways to recognize excellence,” said Ringel.

Sophomores Gabby Fatino and Rosie Gurera were award nominees and have won in the past.

“All kids should be recognized for doing more. Whatever you do, go out of your way to do great things and you could be rewarded, like scholarships. I guess you could say you get what you give,” said O’Malley.


Junior Nolan McMicheal was awarded with the Service Hour Award. McMicheal has completed 700 hours. Photo by: Nicco Salazar

Now wouldn’t it be fun if this was all reversed and the students could nominate some teachers who really go above and beyond?

“[I would nominte] Mr. Bond because he is just so funny and he needs to get out there and get appreciated a little more,” said Fatino.

“The nominees do not know what they are nominated for or why, so that brings a new level of excitement to an event like Awards Night,” said O’Malley.

One of the major Award Winners from this event included Luke Ross who won a total of eight awards, two being the Glory of Missouri Intelligence Award and the Missouri 100 Scholars Award.  Other winners included: Senior Rachel Fox, Junior Nolan McMichael, and Sophomore Rachel Kolich.

The St. Pius X “Awards Night”, as always, was a tribute to many of our students who have performed and achieved well, whether it be over one year or four years.  Let us appreciate and honor these young people, and may this serve as an inspiration for others to work and improve in their academics, athletics, and community service – Mr. Murphy

Katie Taylor                                       Dena McMillin Award                                  

Andrea Monge                                    Eddie Garcia Award                                                                                                  

John Liberto                                         Father Hager K of C Award                         

Andrew Cangelosi                             UNICO 

Lydia Masnado                                             

Joey DeFabio

Kaitlyn Pittala

Claire Jackson Nicco Salazar        Maple Woods Superintendent’s

                                                            Leadership Grant

Sydney Routh                                   KC Star Scholar Athlete Award

Rachel Fox                                        US Marines Scholastic

                                                            Excellence Award  

Jacob Cummings                             US Marines Distinguished

Allison Malott                                   Athlete Award

Patrick Doherty                               US Army Scholar Athlete        

Serena Stoetzer

Annelise Nissen                               Univ of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Science Award             

Madeleine Quinn                              Univ of Rochester  Frederick Douglass / Susan B.                                                                    Anthony Social Science Award


Alec Tapia                                             Univ of Rochester Young Leaders Award              


Zach Elling                                        NKC Rotary Speech Contest Award            


                                                             Glory of Missouri Awards               

Luke Ross                                                        Knowledge

Nicholas Ferrara                                            Liberty

Maria Torres                                                    Equality

Benjamin Schmidt                                         Fraternity

Gabrielle Chirpich                                         Education

Rachel Fox                                                        Honor

Hannah Bateman                                          Truth

Sydney Routh                                                 Virtue

Alexis Cox                                                       Enterprise

Emma Meinking                                            Charity

“Missouri Bright Flight” Award                                      

Amelia Bresette Peter Boos Gabrielle Chirpich

William Gerstner Sydney Routh Luke Ross

“Admission into University Honors Program”    

Amelia Bresette            University of Missouri

Gabrielle Chirpich        University of Missouri

Alexis Cox                        University of Missouri

Morgan Storm                University of Missouri

          George Washington Carver Awards                       

Luke Ross                         Alexis Cox                        Sydney Routh                

Amelia Bresette             Rachel Fox                        Gabrielle Chirpich        

Savanna Ott                    Alayna McGary                 Hannah Bateman         

Madeline Johannes

            Missouri Scholars 100 Award                                    

Luke Ross

            Boys State / Girls State Recognition          

Caroline Ramsey                           Tristan Ott                        Nolan McMichael                         

Joseph Pluenneke                                       

             Underclassmen Citizenship Awards           

Juniors: Lendi Krizogono                     Caroline Ramsey

Sophomores: Andrew Hipp                Rachel Kolich

Freshmen: Thomas Ross                     Sophia Torres

                Timothy Michael Werkowitch Award

Hanna Ly

                Dr. Kenner Mathematics Award

Gabrielle Chirpich

                  Prudential Community Merit & Achievement Awards

Nolan McMichael                          Savanna Ott                    Sarah Koster

                   College and University Scholarship Awards

Missouri Western State University: Serena Stoetzer

Northwest Missouri State University: Gina Tarantola

Truman State University: Hannah Bateman              Joseph Niblock

                                                  Teresa Deters                      Luke Ross

                                                  Benjamin Schmidt             Savanna Ott

                         Dr. Kenner Math Award

Gabrielle Chirpich

                         National Merit Finalist

Luke Ross

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