The Sophomore project is a series of assessments, evaluations and research, combined for students to learn, not only about themselves, but also about options for future education and occupations. The goal of the Sophomore project is to get a head start on possible majors and careers and to help find schools that are a good fit for each student.

By: Faith Wright, Reporter

The sophomore project began when Counselor Mrs. Cascone started working at St. Pius.


Every Tuesday during their History class the Sophomore class gathers in the library. They work on worksheets, personality tests, and their sophomore project slide show. Photo by: Faith Wright

“They didn’t have anything to explore, and people weren’t talking about anything [colleges, majors, jobs, etc.] until late junior year and the beginning of senior year,” said Cascone.

The Sophomore project has been going on at St. Pius for 7 years but, “it evolves and changes every year,” said Cascone.

Cascone believes that the project is very important for Sophomores.


Sophomore Lauren Lauvetz working hard on her career worksheet. Just like the rest of the Sophomores do every Tuesday. Photo by: Faith Wright

“They need a wake up call that high school flies. And that it’s not too early to start looking at possibilities,” said Cascone.

One of the main aspects of the Sophomore project is learning one’s personality type. This helps guide careers fitting each person’s personality. After the project, each student should have a field of study to steer their focus.

“Physical Therapy [is my focus] because it has to do with athletes and I understand athletes very well,” said Lauren Lauvetz.

Sophomores, from this year’s project, are already giving advice to Freshman. 

“Go in with an idea of what colleges you want, like where you want to go and how far,” said Lauvetz.

Sophomore Josh Grable gives additional advice.

“Start looking very early so that way you’ll know what you’re going to do when the project starts up,” said Grable.

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