One Tuesday April 12th, the Seniors voyaged out to their last retreat at Holy Family. This year’s theme was centralized on forgiveness and encouraged the students to let go of their resentments and focus on the bright future.

By: Erin Balint, Reporter

With the year coming to a close, it came as a perfect time to host an event for the seniors that preached about the importance of forgiveness. The retreat kicked off with a short video, followed by a period for the students to go up to the open mic and make their peace with others, by either offering forgiveness or asking for it.

Mrs. Unger opens up about the experience and believes that it was a positive event for everyone.

“This year the forgiveness session that they had was really the best that I’ve seen throughout the years. The kids were very genuine and heartfelt,” said Unger.

The message of forgiveness and moving on was very well received by everyone.


Senior Charlie Parish participated at the Senior Retreat in a skit dealing with bullying, and how Jesus can carry our burdens. With every chain put on him, he got weighed down with painful words and rumors, showing how harmful words can really be. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

“The kids even felt like they had really grown together and rekindled some friendships,”says Unger.

The seniors also felt the retreat was a great way to wind down the year, as it acted as a platform for everyone to resolve lingering issues and make their peace with the past four years and beyond.

“It’s very good for the morale of the class to end on a good note,” says Senior Ha Luu.

Senior Lexi Cox also thought the retreat was very beneficial for the class.

“It was a good opportunity to bond with our classmates and reminisce on the good times we have had here at Pius,” says Cox.  


Seniors Claire Jackson, Shannon McIlhenney., Alison Malott, and Ha Lu helped make sandwiches for homeless people to put in sack lunches. This was an amazing experience to spread happiness. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

After the forgiveness session, all of the students worked together in making meals for the homeless, which included assembling the sandwiches themselves. After that, the day concluded with a time for Adoration and Confession, then a Mass in the Church.

All in all, the retreat was a success and left nothing but love among the class of 2016.

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