Mr. Gardner, Junior religion teacher, answers a common question that many people have perhaps thought of, but not known the answer.

By: Mr. Gardner, Guest Columnist

Hello everyone, I am pleased to have the opportunity to host the question and answer forum for the St Pius X Newspaper. So, here goes:

Did Jesus forgive Judas? The simple answer is that we do not know for sure if Judas was forgiven. We do not know because only God can judge the degree of sin and guilt for Judas and for all those that were complicit in the death of Jesus Christ (C.C.C. 597). Going one step further, we must look internally to the reality that Christ died for our sins as well. Thus, our sins are a factor in the death of Christ, and we must own that reality and seek forgiveness for our sins by simply asking for forgiveness. The bottom line is that we must ask, knock and seek for that forgiveness with a deep and abiding hope in the promises of Jesus Christ.

In many ways we should use Judas’ action as a lesson: we must stay close to the heart of Christ even in the face of temptation with the faith that Christ will guide us to the Father. Judas was near to Christ, but he was not close to Christ’s heart; therefore, he lost the faith of a heart-to-heart relationship and betrayed Christ and then despaired of this betrayal.

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