St. Pius X High School is always proud to hear of its students going out into the world and succeeding. With all of the talent that has walked through the halls, it is not uncommon for alumni to have great success stories. Among these is Sabin Yanez, who has been named Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Chairman.

By: Erin Balint, Reporter



Chairman of the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Sabin Yanez. Proudly Representing the St. Pius X class of ’80. Photo by: Northland Chamber

St. Pius X high school alumni class of 80’, Mr. Sabin Yanez, has recently been welcomed as the new Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Chairman. He is a perfect example of how the education at St. Pius enables its students to excel, and is still actively ingrained in the Pius community.

Yanez married his highschool sweetheart and fellow Pius graduate, Angel Badami, and they have four children who also attended St. Pius. Yanez is a civil engineer, being part owner of a civil engineering firm. He was asked to serve on the Chamber’s Board of Directors, then eventually to be their Treasurer, and then to serve on the Executive Committee and now Chairman of the Board.

“I like the involvement [of the Board] and I’ve never been one that needed to be out front, but I don’t mind leading,” said Yanez.

Yanez is an advocate for service projects for his fellow Chamber members, where they come in and volunteer. Much of his inspiration for his mantra is derived from the Royals and how they “kept the line moving”. His message instills the mindset that all players are important aspects and that it isn’t necessarily the home run that wins the game; it’s the bunts and runs which is applicable to the business world.

He is also still involved in the growth and betterment of St. Pius X, and was a co-chair with his wife on this year’s Phonathon. Yanez is noted for not only being proud of where he got his education, but also for reaching back to the community and staying active in his support of the school.



Sabin Yanez with a few of his St. Pius Class of 1980 comrades. All are having a laugh at their class reunion. Photo Credit Unknown

“This is a different type of community than a public high school. You feel compelled to give back and I think that’s part of the Catholic roots we have and the giving side,” said Yanez.

Yanez emphasizes the importance of keeping your faith close and always in the back of your mind.

He also has some advice for the students currently attending the school, advising that we all should…“Be proud that you went to this school [SPX]” as well as to “Keep your Catholicism close to you.”

Current students are also proud of how alumni are representing our school. Yanez’s success is inspiring to others.

“It makes me feel like I can do anything and give back in a positive way to the world,” said Senior Claire Jackson.

Yanez is a great example of the quality of people that Pius cultivates. He is both successful and kind, with his roots unmoving in his faith, which is what St. Pius is all about.

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