Digging in for another swinging season, Pius guys start their rounds at Hodge Park. The team is teeing up for another year of success.

By: Erin Balint, Reporter


Senior Alex Diaz is in mid-backswing on the fairway at Hodge Park. He is hoping to make it on the green. Photo by: Zack Dickey

As springtime rolls around, the St. Pius X golf team is preparing for yet another season. This year it is coached by one of the newest teachers at Pius, Business teacher Mr. Rhett Parsons. 

The golf team is coming under new leadership after being previously coached by Vice Principal Mr. Robert Lee. Parsons has previously coached softball, basketball, and football, but likes to play golf in his leisure time. 16 guys went out for the team, but only 12 claimed spots.



Freshman Cole Elling practices his swing at Hodge Park. He can grow to be the Jordan Spieth of the team. Photo by: Zach Dickey

According to Parson’s, the team this year will be extremely strong.

Parsons notes that there are many promising prospects, with students such as Freshman Cole Elling who are showing strong potential. The team is chocked full of talent, but it is also about having fun and getting to know each other.

“[I like] getting to know the kids better,” said Parsons.

The team is also excited for the opportunity to be lead by their new coach, as Senior and captain Alex Diaz says,  “He’s  a really cool guy and he knows a lot about golf.”

The team has two Seniors, Jordan Michalek and Alex Diaz. Diaz has played golf since he was eight years old and is a captain this year. The boys have all been practicing in the weeks leading up to their first tournament at the Winnetonka Invitational at the end of March, and all of their effort is projected to pay off.

“Got a pretty good  team this year, got a couple of stud freshmen and it’s a lot of fun being out here with the guys,” says Diaz.

Senior manager Gaby Chirpich is also optimistic about the upcoming season.

“A lot of the kids are really good this year so I think it’s going to be a great season,” says Chirpich.


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