By: Katie Pileggi, Social Media Editor  

St. Joseph’s Day is a special time in the Lenten Season, especially in our Diocese. At St. Pius specifically, we start out with the Novena on March 9th, and it goes through March 17th. The St. Joseph Novena is a special nine day prayer, recited for anything you may desire.

“This prayer really is powerful, St. Joseph can help you in your hardest times,” said Art teacher and table Director Mrs. Toni Hess.  

There is a specific prayer to St. Joseph one may recite during this Novena time. The prayer cards are given to the teachers, to give to students, or it is online.

“Overall, Lent is a time of prayer, service, and almsgiving, and that is what we try to achieve during this Novena time at St. Pius,” said Hess.

The Novena will represent the prayer portion of the Lenten season.


Blessing the St. Joseph’s Table is a tradition, and should be done before eating from it. All students and faculty gather around before lunch, while Deacon Elsey recites the blessing. Photo by: Katie Pileggi.


The service projects being put on are representing the service portion. On Monday March 7th and March 14th, there are two service projects located at the Sisters of St. Francis facility in Independence. Students have the opportunity to get three service hours per trip. Students will sort items for the Sisters’ future mission projects. Students are also able to make cookies, set up, and/or clean up the St. Joseph’s Table for one service hour each activity.

St. Joseph’s Day Table will take place on Friday, March 18th, with a free lunch (donations highly suggested) for the students, faculty, and staff of St. Pius. The St. Joseph’s Day lunch is one of the students’ favorite lunches. A real meal is included, but the main event is the desserts.


A classic table setting for the St. Joseph’s Day meal. This three person table setting symbolizes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Photo By: Kate Pileggi.


Almsgiving activities at St. Pius are a 50/50 raffle during the week leading up to the St. Joseph’s Day Table. This raffle is starting at $100, and one ticket is one dollar. Whatever ticket gets drawn gets half of the total money collected, and the other half is donated. There will also  be a few big ticket items such as: gas gift cards, fast food gift cards and possibly more.

The final activity are dress down days. There will be two dress down days: Thursday, March 17th and Friday, March 18th. On Thursday, Students and staff will wear green, and Friday a NCAA or St. Pius shirt. Each day is $5, or pay $10 upfront for both days.

“All of our giving days are a great way to donate to your school, honor Lent, and of course, show mercy and grace to St. Joseph,” said Hess.

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