Sophomore and child genius, Rosemary Cherian was selected as SPX’s Sophomore of the Month. Read more to find out the ins and outs of the girl who scored a 35 on her ACT.

By: Ryan Barber, Copy Editor


Sophomore Rosemary Cherian trying to reach for the greatness she is known for. Photo by: Faith Wright

Q: What advice do you have for other Freshman taking Pre-Calculus?

A: Good job if you’ve gotten there! Don’t take AP Calculus online. Study a lot, and try to make a lot of friends.

Q: What Extracurricular Activities do you participate in? Any funny stories from one of them?

A: I’m in nerd club, a.k.a Academic Team, tennis, track, and I sing. Not counting the time Mr. Murphy threw a baton [pauses to think a minute], there is a story from when we were coming back from music state in Columbia, MO. While we were riding back, we saw a man with his beard tied into a braid. Junior Acadia Mejia took her hair and braided it under her chin, put her face up against the window, and stared at the guy. Everyone was dying laughing.

Q: What class have you had the most fun in as of now, including Freshman and Sophomore year?

A: Probably AP English, because we’re all nerds. Things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Percy Jackson get mentioned every day.  

Q: Why did you join Sartons, and how has it affected you?

A: I was taking singing lessons from Mrs. Prothman before coming to St. Pius, and I was debating whether to take Spanish or Sartons. She told me to be in Sartons. It’s affected me because I’ve made a lot of new friends, and I’m all about that friendship.


Sophomore Copy Editor Ryan Barber interviews Sophomore Rosemary Cherian for Sophomore of the Month. Photo by: Faith Wright

Q: Are timed writings man’s worst invention?

A: Yes, because they’re basically what happens in the place opposite of Heaven. Everyone has varied opinions on what that place is like, and in my vision everyone will be sitting at desks taking timed writings for all eternity.

Q: If Darth Vader challenged Mr. Bond to a lightsaber battle, who would win?

A: I feel like Mr. Bond would start talking about nucleotides, and while Darth Vader is distracted, Mr. Bond will sneak a poisonous concoction he made into Darth Vader’s mask. Not much of a lightsaber battle, but that’s just how Mr. Bond rolls.

Q: What is the origin of the universe?

A: According to Ms. Smith, we, a.k.a the earth, are a mitochondria in a cell in an eyeball of a dragon who is Mr. Scrogham disguised as Sophomore Andrew Hipp disguised as Ms. Smith disguised as Hipp who just happened to create the universe. It’s an Hour 2 English thing. However, my actual answer is that God made the universe, because I’m a hardcore Catholic.

Q: What vacation that you’ve had has been your favorite?

A: I’ve been to India multiple times. I’m really looking forward to going again seeing my family. One time, when I was in kindergarten, I got to see fireworks during Christmas.

Q: What is your favorite memory of India?

A: One time when we went, the Mass was in Indian, and the priest was really strict. It was in a small church in the middle of nowhere, and all the children sat in the front. I was still getting used to the time difference, so I fell asleep. When I woke up, the priest was making fun of people that fall asleep during church, and I felt like everyone was sitting there glaring at me.

Q: Who would win a poetry battle between Ms. Smith and Mr. Smithmier?

A: They’d both be competing, and Ms. Smith would start rapping Shakespeare. Mr. Smithmier wouldn’t be able to comprehend what’s going on, but he’d pull out some unknown, deep poetry that no one’s ever heard, and win using that. Sorry, Ms. Smith.


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