By: Faith Wright, Reporter

Q: What is something unique about you?

A: If I had to pick one, well, I’d say it’d be my octopus legs or sweeping, if you want to call it from the hip hop community.

Q: How did you acquire it/ learn how to do it?      

A: It was, I think, freshman year, where I thought of my life as not interesting enough and then I saw a person on the internet do it and I said to myself, “wow that’s weird, hey here’s an idea….” It took me a week to get the basics of it and then I stopped for unknown reasons and picked it up again. I guess I got somewhat good at it from muscle memory.


Junior of the Month Alex Tran. Photo by: Faith Wright.

Q: What do you do outside of school?

A: Well nothing really, I guess I try and pick up talents I find cool on the internet to entertain people, you see that’s my plan B, well technically my plan C, and that’s to be a street performer or an entertainer…. If I wasn’t so afraid to speak to strangers…

Q: When did you become interested in magic?

A: It was in 2007, when my old school was attending an event happening at the park. Some buds and I saw this magic show and then, when it was time to feast, this girl I used to like said she loved the magic show and so I learned it to impress her…… but unfortunately I couldn’t win her heart…

Q: What’s your favorite magic trick to perform?

A: It used to be my signature trick, but it’s puking cards out of my mouth.

Q: What is your most embarrassing magic story?

A: Well, I don’t know really, I mess up all the time so I can’t really pick one you know?



Junior Alex Tran showing off his signature octopus legs. Photo by: Faith Wright

Q: Who taught you how to learn magic?

A: Well the first magic trick I learned was to impress that girl I was talking about earlier, and was taught by a clown, but the rest I learned off of YouTube, and good thing too, since it became a thing in 2006.

Q: How many languages do you speak?

A: Fluently, I can speak three languages.

Q: What are they?

A: I speak Vietnamese, not too fluent, but it’s passable, French and English. Did you know “I am stupid” was the first sentence I learned in English? My brother told me it meant “I am smart.”

Q: What are the differences between schools in Canada and school here?

A: In Canada, grade school goes from 1-6 and high school goes from 7-12. But in America, grade school is 1-8 and high school is 9-12. Socially, Canadians aren’t all nice, I went to a delinquent high school (7th to half of 8th), and learned how to entertain people to not get bullied. Then again, I was already safe, since I spent most of my childhood with people from the school. Not to brag or anything, just wanted to say that things aren’t always the way you think they are.


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