The annual Broball Tournament was fun for all students as the boys of St. Pius X made teams and battled against each other. Each team included six players and came up with their own creative name.


Seniors Joseph Niblock and Ben Schmidt covering Junior Sean Bryant as he puts up a block against Senior Jacob Cummings in Broball. Photo by: Faith Wright.

By: Katie Pileggi, Social Media Editor

On Thursday, February 25th, the annual Broball tournament in honor of Sweetheart took place. All St. Pius X boy students were able to create their teams and play volleyball against one another in the gym during seminar.

While the boys played, the girls of SPX either paid $3 (which is donated to the Guatemala Mission) to watch or helped the boys by coaching. Since the girls play football in the fall for homecoming, a few years ago, the thought arose to have the same opportunity for the boys.

“I think Broball is a great idea. For someone who has played [volleyball] for four years in grade school, it is a lot of fun to participate,” said Senior Travis Barber.

Broball has also been an opportunity for the boys of SPX to play a sport they normally would not play on a day to day basis.

“Broball is really time spent with good friends for some competitive fun,” said Sophomore Jack Lewis.

In the past, Broball has really let the boys shine in ways they haven’t before.

“I’m more athletic than I look,” Barber said. “You better watch out for my jump serve,” Lewis adds.


Senior Travis Barber showing his artistic side. Photo by: Faith Wright.

All in all, Broball is a great deal of fun for the boys of St. Pius, and a great fundraiser for the Guatemala Mission team. This year over 36 boys played. The champion team was Bump It Up Yo Hay Yo Hay! Students are already talking about next year’s battle. 


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