The SPX Pommies take their love for dance and their pride in their school to the State stage.

By: Victoria Haggerty, Design Editor



2015 – 2016 Dance Team ready for a great season. Photo by: Michelle Baker

This year the SPX Pommies have grown as a team both in size and skill. The squad has done exceptionally well at competitions and the girls recently competed in State on February 20, 2016.

“Something I like about our routine is that we dance to Beyonce and I love Beyonce,” said Freshman Angelina Glorioso.

State was held at Kemper Arena, right here in the Kansas City Metro Area. The SPX Pommies competed against over 20 teams in two areas of competition. They also brought a few soloists. The Pommies placed 2nd in Pom, 3rd in Jazz and 4th overall.

“It’s been such a fun experience but I’m sad I won’t get to do it in the next few years. My favorite part has been dancing along side my best friends and getting to represent my school as a dancer,” said Senior Molly Kiely.

Throughout the year the girls have worked very hard on their technique and capturing the hearts of the Warrior fans. All of this is paying off when they perform.

“We all get along so well and we’re such good friends,” said the only senior of the group, Molly Kiely.


Senior Molly Kiely reminiscences  about the dance season. Photo by Molly Kiely.


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