Get an inside look in the life of SPX Senior, Charlie Parrish. Find out what he does when he’s not in school and what app he cannot live without.

By: Victoria Haggerty, Design Editor



Seniors Charlie Parish and injured teammate Trevor Cissell celebrate their victorious season. Photo by: The Parish Family

Q: What is your favorite class and why?

A: My favorite class is Calculus, because I enjoy learning about math and being with all my friends.


Q: What do you do when you’re not in school?

A: When I’m not in school, I’m either playing soccer, hanging out with my friends, or playing League of Legends.


Q: What are your favorite TV shows?

A: My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Lost.


Q: What app, on your phone, can you not live without?

A: Probably Snapchat because then I wouldn’t be able to Snapchat my friends.


Q: If you could travel anywhere where would it be?

A: I would travel to Europe because they have a lot of interesting places to see. I would also want to go to a soccer game.


Q: If you were President for a day what would you do?

A: Continue all of Obama’s policies.



Senior of the Month Charlie Parish. Photo by: Meghan Hayden

Q: What would be your perfect day?

A: My perfect day would be spent with my family.


Q: If you could go back and tell your freshman year self one thing what would it be?

A: Never give up.


Q: If you could have any exotic animal as a pet what would it be?

A: I would have a tiger because they’re cool.


Q: If the light is yellow, do you stop or go through it?

A: *doesn’t hesitate to answer* Go through it.


Q: If you could have dinner with two famous people, alive or dead, who would it be, why, and what would you talk about?

A: I would have dinner with Elon Musk and Christiano Ronaldo because they are interesting people and we share similar interests. We would talk about soccer and space.

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